Tough times for nurseries in Georgia

According to Open Register Pike Family Nurseries is filing for Bankruptcy Chapter 11. This is no small deal as it consists of 20 retail outlets scattered about Atlanta. Pikes is the largest independent retail chain in The United States with over 700 employees. Having been founded in the late 1950's it as well as other nurseries are feeling the effects of the historic drought plaguing the area. I have been through this before here in Nor Cal and the feeling of helplessness is overwhelming. Every nursery should look at this and ask themselves what they would do in the same situation. I am not sure what those nurseries could do in Georgia but we should at least ask the question.

One thing Pike Family Nursery should do is address this via their web site. I know its not a pleasant thing to talk about but it would be better if they air this stuff in the open and explain what they plan to do to come out of bankruptcy.

Here in California the next drought is always right around the corner. We haven't had a major drought in over ten years, we're due. Just not next year, please!