Tin Punch Workshop

tin-class-008.JPGWe had our first non-gardening oriented workshop on Saturday. Betsy Afdenkamp held the class and fun was had by all. I took the Tassimo Coffee Maker out to our new event tent so everyone could make coffee as they wanted. Great idea as soon the ladies were hyped up banging away on the tin. We had one lady come all the way from Davis which is about an hour away. The next class will be taught by Monica and will be making a ginger bread house for the holidays.

Its fun coming up for ideas for workshops when it doesn't have to be just garden oriented. The tin-class-005.JPGmain thing is it get people into the store and sure enough buying stuff before they leave. Even if we didn't sell anything the idea behind the workshops is to raise the visibility of the nursery as a resource for the community.tin-class-002.JPG