7 ways to show your cheapness this Valentines Day!

Boston.com posted an article titled, "7 Ways to Save on Flowers". (If you cannot access the article from the link, go here and click the top story)It seems The Boston Globe only knows independent florists as places to go and bicker about price. The only mention of independent florist is this. "Your local florist may also do business online at competitive prices. Read customers' online reviews and scour coupon sites such as retailmenot.com, couponshack.com and coupons.com for discounts. And don't fall for throw-ins like chocolates and stuffed animals - those just add extra costs and create the illusion of a deal." Kindness, it's just an illusion!

Well, where do I go to get a deal on flowers? The Globe knows. Costco and the local grocery store! This from the post, "Check grocery stores, whose floral departments may be bigger than you realized. For example, last year Costco was offering three dozen long-stemmed red roses in a vase with baby's breath online for $99.99, and the company's warehouse stores were selling a dozen long-stemmed roses for $14.99." Online ordering is mentioned twice in the article.

How about a little Valentine love for your local florist trying to compete against this kind of publicity? On top of it all Boston.com tells us, "Giving your loved one a single long-stemmed rose is a powerful statement of commitment. And you can put the $75 or so that you save toward dinner for two -- or another gift." Gee Boston.com, couldn't they save even  more money and take that $75 and spend it at the Costco food service court, instead of some overpriced restaurant? Paying $75 for a dinner for two is not an illusion!