Are You a Member of Generation Flux?

Rarely do I buy magazines. However the latest issue of Fast Company caught my eye. The cover story is "This Is Generation Flux, Meet The Pioneers Of The New (And Chaotic) Frontier Of Businesses". According to the article, "the future of business is pure chaos. Here's how you can survive--and perhaps even thrive." We read interviews from various people who are managing to survive and thrive in the new business climate.

The nursery trade is obsessed with how to appeal to a younger demographic. What's cool about  Generation Flux is it's not age based, like Generation X, Y, or "The Baby Boomers". You can be any age, and be a member of Generation Flux.  It's not just about the fast changing business climate, but the whole changing at the speed of light world we find ourselves in.  You can be 20 or 60, and still be a member of this inclusive generation. Generation Flux ties together differing generations, while labels like Generation X are exclusive to someone born during that period.

I am growing weary of the supposed divides between differing generations. We are all trying to feel our way through this new world, older and younger together. What binds us is a willingness to accept the challenges, and change when necessary. Sure, it can be harder for the older members of this tribe to make those changes, but try they must. Easy or hard, change is coming and how you respond is what matters, not your age.  Welcome to Generation Flux.