Gardening history

History and horticulture are two passions of mine. Someone who shares that passion is Paige Johnson, who authors the blog "Garden History Girl". She also has a masters degree in garden history, which is very cool.

Her latest post is titled, "The Cabbage that is King: Brassica oleracae longata" It's  "the curious case of the seven-foot tall cabbage, which brought two seedsellers and one Reverend Laycock of Hampshire into Westminster County Court in 1898."  Mis-represented seed, lawsuits, The Canary Islands, 16' tall cabbages, and the unusual reason they we're grown for originally.

Garden History Girl has many interesting posts concerning horticulture and history.  As we ponder the future of gardening and it's place in our lives it's fun to see how much things have changed, and in many cases how little.