No cup for you!

A story about lousy customer service from a small town merchant.

Monica and I we're in Nevada City yesterday. It's Victorian Christmas, a huge celebration designed to get people in the mood, and shopping. As we wondered through town we saw a coffee cup displayed in the window of a small shop. It had a design, a dog carrying a basket. It  has  a name, "Doggie Do-Good".  It was identical to a cup Monica and I had when first met. Lot's of sentimental value. So we wonder in and ask the man inside "how much is that doggie cup in the window?" He doesn't know so he get's the boss.  The boss doesn't know. We asked if they had anymore in the store? No, said the man, it hadn't sold so we moved it to the display in the window to get some attention.  Great! So how much is it?. The manager said that if he sold it, the display would be ruined. He then walked away.

We we're left looking at each other dumbfounded. It didn't sell in back of the store, they move it to the window display so it might sell, and when asked to sell it refuse, because it's too much trouble.

Small store, small town.  It doesn't matter the size of the store, or whether it's locally owned or not. Customer service can be lousy anywhere.  Oh, and it's available at ebay for $14.99, used! At least they know the price.