Slow day at the nursery

It's cloudy and cold before the approaching storm. Few customers today so I took some photos of the gardens and nursery. We planted a few beds of flowers this year to fill up some space in the sunny part of the nursery. Here the cosmos bed has just about had it. I think we will plant about six or seven beds next year. cosmosFinally starting to complete the display beds along the creek. Further up you will encounter the arched willow.

It was like this when we bought the property and we are attempting to slow down the inevitable collapse. Will see if we can get a few more years since it looks so cool.


This is looking across Empire creek to our property on the other side. I want to allow customers over but we don't have a proper bridge yet. We cross an old log that has fallen across.143_4373.JPG


Looking back toward the vegetable garden, which is where the umbrella is. You can see a bench on the side of the hill. We like to sit here and look back down on the picnic area.