Quit trying to please me!

Over at Garden Center Magazine they are talking trends in the garden center world. I enjoy reading this stuff whether I agree or not. It helps open your mind, and think about stuff beyond today. At the same time I hate trend reports!  Is that weird? My feeling has always been to start the trends, don't follow them.  So I find myself interested, yet jaded and skeptical. Turns out I am not alone.

Read the side bar at the Garden Center article titled, "Gen X customers demand a genuine retail experience".  I read a quote from a Gen. X on a Facebook post the other day. They said, "In this season of new-found 'political correctness', I am completely offended and infuriated by your attempts not to offend me. Therefore, I'll be boycotting as many of you as possible."

Until our trade quits obsessing over trying to "be cool", we'll never be cool. Quit trying to please me, and instead perform your craft or trade with the best of your ability.  That's cool.