Occupy the garden!

What is it about the Dig, Drop, and Done campaign that is missing? There is no way to spread the message, since there is no message to spread. When you watch the videos do you feel compelled to forward them to a friend? Do you hear a call to action? Where is the social object that we can use, and help spread? We have a product, bulbs. If you look at a tulip or daffodil bulb they are unique in shape and easily recognized. If this shape where used in a marketing campaign the bulb could become an easily shared "social object". Example: Showing Generation X or Y types under the cloak of darkness planting bulbs in abandoned city lot's, or street medians. Now the bulb is a object that can be used to spread a message.

"OTG" (Occupy The Garden!) might be more fitting for the time and place than Juliana's "On Trend" video.

"Occupy the Garden!" Spread the word.