Hines nursery post still getting comments!

hineslogo.jpgI love the "most recent comment section". It helps bring to life past posts that are still commented on but would be missed by anyone else but me. The post on Hines Nurseries troubles is one such post. Here we have some comments from people who we're involved with the organization. Its quite interesting to see the blame laid at the feet of management, which is of course where it should be. By reading the comments it becomes clear that the problems facing this organization goes way beyond the economy, or this companies sweetheart deals with the box stores. What I like is the comments made at this post are a way for people to explain what really has happened to the company. I am not sure who the commenter's are but from the sound of it most are people who thought Hines had a good thing going until management screwed it up. If you listen to press releases and what not from the company I am sure you would not hear any of this. Whats neat is when you Google Hines nurseries problems up pops this blog and it attendant comments. Now potential investors and others can hear a more complete story.