Bulbs and The Dig, Drop, and Done Ladies

Back  in February we reported on a new bulb campaign designed to revitalize the depressed bulb market. It was there

where we talked about how, "the Royal Trade Association for Nursery Stock and Flower Bulbs headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands has decided to throw some money at the problem. They have committed to a three year, $1.9 million campaign. According to Peter Mitchell, Woodbine President & CEO, 'we believe our campaign has the potential to do for the flower bulb industry what ‘Got Milk‘ has done for the milk industry'”.

The ad campaign has arrived. It's called "Bulbs, Dig, Drop, Done" It features three ladies called what else, "the Dig, Drop, Done Ladies". There's Marci, The Super Mom who is the mother of 3 with twin sons and a daughter, lives in the 'burbs' and is a substitute teacher. There is also Juliana The Fashionista, and Evelyn The Empty Nester. Between the three they are going to revitalize the bulb market by showing us just how easy it is to enjoy the beauty of bulbs.

Over at Garden Rant Elizabeth is duly un-impressed saying, "welcome to Dig. Drop. Done. Where women come in 3 sizes: cocktail-swilling sex kitten, cupcake-baking mom, and attention-starved, curler-wearing golf widow. Each of the characters has her own wardrobe, props, and videos. I hope the actresses who played them were paid well. They’re quite bad, but even so, hard to see how anyone could say this crap convincingly." Ouch!

So is this a huge waste of money by the bulb industry,  a brilliant marketing campaign, or something in-between? Is this campaign you as a garden center owner can get behind. As a gardener does this inspire you to try bulbs?