Our summer garden is planted

Memorial Day Vegie Garden 019 We spent Memorial Day working in the garden here in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

The onion bed is moving right along. We planted red, white, and yellow onions last August. They will be ready when the tops start to fall over, in about one month. Planted Squash, Tomatoes, peppers, melons, and sunflowers today.

Just below the onion bed the peas will grow up the trellis on the left. The trellis on the right has a freshly planted cucumber plant. Just beyond the cucumber is the garlic bed. The garlic will be ready about the same time as the onions. Like the onions, garlic was planted late summer last year. Well worth the wait.

Memorial Day Vegie Garden 021

We are excited that we finally got the majority of the garden planted. It's one of the later plantings we have done, as it's unusually wet and cool this spring. Still need to plant some lemon cucumbers, and zucchini. Maybe one Lemon Boy Tomato and a yellow bell pepper. Some herbs, like basil and maybe some fennel.

All-in-all a productive day.