The Guacamole Hut as Kid Central

We have finally figured out how best to utilize “The Gaucamole Shed”. It is separated from the store and has been a seed department, water garden department, and gift shop. The problem is its not big enough for any of our departments and it’s separated from the store which is a bit of a hassle. What are we going to do? Turn it over to the kid’s!

We are going to put a table with coloring books featuring our mascot “Gordie The Golden Gecko”. We want to put a chalk wall up so they can draw. Book’s to read. Basically anything to keep them occupied while the parents can shop. What we will put in there will revolve around the outside world in a general way. In other words keeping them entertained is foremost but well see if we can’t stir their interest in “The Outdoor Foothill Lifestyle”™.

“The Outdoor Foothill Lifestyle”™ represents our excitement in bringing about a renewed interest in the garden by expanding what it means to garden. We will incorporate all of our ideas on how to create a beautiful outdoor space which include our ideas on "Naturally a Better Way to Garden"™ . Most of the people coming to The Foothills are moving from Sacramento, The Bay Area, or Southern California and have had to adapt to our different climate and attitude. We are a little less stressed out and laid back than those places and we want to be the place you go to pick up ideas and items to help enjoy this new lifestyle.

This is really quite exciting as it frees us up to expand our focus from being a place to buy plants to a place to buy plants, garden art, bird watching supplies, outdoor furniture, BBQ cooking classes, herb and vegetable growing, and gifts You will also learn through our workshops and e-news how to garden with wildlife and learn to enjoy the natural beauty we have all around us. We are hopping to create a new attitude that will invigorate people to spend more time outside in the garden. If we can get the kid’s interested in the outside world then it’s natural they will want to enhance and protect the world when they become adults.