Winter comes knocking.

Winter has finally reached the foothills. There is frost with temps in the mid-thirties. It will start reaching about 50°F this afternoon. Suppose to be a big storm brewing off the coast that will spread rain over the area and snow over 3000 ft. We are at 2000’ elevation so we will miss the snow. Go up the hill about 5 miles and the snow will start. When you get up to about 6000’ elevation the snow really starts with a couple of feet of new snow expected. We will end up with a couple of inches of rain if it pans out.

These are Red-Hot Poker plants growing in front of the nursery. Believe it or not they didn’t receive any water during the summer. Remember it does not rain here for 6 months of the year. They just started blooming about two weeks ago. I didn’t like this plant for the longest time. I don’t know why but I have developed a new appreciation for it. Hardy, deer resistant, is blooming in fall and early winter, and is extremely drought resistant. What a plant! It does have a unique look which needs to be placed properly to work.

January 6th I will be speaking at the Sacramento Home Show on Mediterranean gardening. It is located at the Convention Center downtown and this is the first time I have presented anything for them. I hope to get people who might not otherwise make the drive into the foothills interested enough to want to visit the nursery.

Over the years we have found that speaking to garden clubs, and other interested groups has paid off big time for us. Public speaking is ranked right up there as peoples biggest fear. I have been doing it for over 15 years and while I still get somewhat nervous it has gotten better and I find the rush when you’re done quite exhilarating. If garden center owners want a great way to reach people, public speaking is great because nobody wants to do it. Groups are always looking for speakers and if you or someone on your staff can do it you’ll find yourself being invited all over the place. I do about 10 talks a year outside the nursery and about 20 at our nursery workshops.