When the garden industry should not blog.

Just got the latest issue of Nursery Retailer Magazine in the mail. This is a magazine for the independent garden center. The Publisher, Jeff Morey writes “Yeah, I know what your thinking, ‘Another editorial where the writer has little to say and is just filling space!’ Fear not, I share your contempt for meaningless musings. That’s one reason I’ll never burden you guys with a blog. The few attempts at industry blogging mounted by other industry publishers have, in my humble opinion, fallen short of the mark with non-industry-related, flow-of-consciousness ramblings about irrelevant topics as the movie Snakes on a Plane”

I would have to agree with Jeff. Most of the blogs put out by nursery industry related magazine publishers are boring and not updated frequently enough. It seems to be the “got to keep up with the trends” attitude. If you don’t enjoy doing the blog it is bound to fail. I applaud Jeff for not putting out a blog as it is obvious he would not enjoy doing it and it would turn out like so many others, boring.

Generally the most interesting blogs are the ones where the people who write them have a passion for this type of communication. It's not for everybody and no one should blog because "it's the thing to do". I have started to compile a list of industry blogs at my site "The Art of Running a Small Garden Center."