Less plant disease with "Messenger"?

My friend Saul, who writes a garden column for the Auburn Journal asked if I had heard of a product that he is writing about called “Messenger” by Eden Bio-Science. He had visited a grower of Camellias who had been using it and liked it. Since I had not heard of it I did a little research. According to their website “The technology is based on a family of naturally occurring proteins called “harpins”.

Harpins “stimulate natural reactions in plants that enhance disease resistance, growth, and flowering” according to Eden Bio-Science. It’s a powder that is mixed with water and sprayed as a fine mist on the leaves about every 3 weeks. Bio-science says that the use of “Messenger” “means healthier plants, more flowers, more fruit, and your best garden ever! This revolution in plant care and production is now available to you for home and garden use. Now all your flowering plants, flowers, and trees can be healthier and more productive.”

This is exciting stuff as the product is quite safe to use and has been approved on aquatic plants, on or above the water line, as well as endorsed by The American Rose Society. I wonder if Barrie at Garden Mob has heard of this? The Bio-Science Web site say’s “Messenger can be used on all types of plants growing indoors and outdoors, including edible fruits and vegetables right up to the day of harvest.”

If it is what the say it’s another step in controlling plant diseases which often involve some of the most toxic of fungicides. Since we are considering carrying this product I was wondering if any one out there knows about it, has bought it, or is using it?