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In the Spotlight!
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Flowering Pear
(Pyrus calleryana)
These relatives of the fruiting pears are popular for their early spring bloom. The tree is covered with small white blossoms that create a breathtaking scene. They have shinny green leaves that make a neat looking tree in summer. In fall the leaves turn red-purple before falling. Flowering pears have a non-invasive root system which means they are great in patios, near sidewalks, or any where you don’t want the roots lifting the ground. We carry two types, “Cleveland select” and Aristocrat”. Cleveland select is a narrow grower to 15 feet wide and 35 feet tall, while Aristocrat grows in a pyramidal form to 15 feet tall and only 12 feet wide making it a great tree for small spaces. Grow these trees in full sun for the best results. Plant right now and you can enjoy this seasons flowers, as they are just about to bloom.
Carolina Jessamine
(Gelsemium sempervirens)
Carolina jessamine is one of the earliest blooming vines hardy for the foothills. Blooming as early as late winter it is covered with bright yellow blossoms. Carolina jessamine is great on trellis, arbor or over fences and walls. Also used as a mounding ground cover. Evergreen to semi-evergreen it grows well in full to partial sun. It is quite vigorous and will grow to 20 feet long with support. Important to foothill gardeners is this plants high deer resistance.

(Pieris Japonica)
Pieris is one of our favorite plants for the shade. It starts blooming in late winter and continues through spring, providing a long bloom season. In addition some peris, like “Mountain Fire”, have new growth that is bright red, providing further intrest. In the foothills deer resistance is important, and peris has good deer resitance.

There are a number of different varieties of peris, each with it’s own attributes. Two of my favorite are “Prelude” and “Mountain Fire”. Pelude is pictured above. It grows to about two feet tall and wide, with clusters of white bell shaped flowers that stand above the foiliage. Its shape is a neat, rounded form. Place it in the foreground of your planting beds. “Mt. Fire” is a taller grower, up to six feet plus. It has of bell shaped flowers that hang in pendulus clusters. While flowering, new growth that is bright red appears creating a spectatu;ar display. Since it gets tall, use it in the background of smaller plantings, or as a screen.

If you would like to explore the world of pieris, now is a great time.

(Intermedia Spectabilis)
Forsythia is a foothill classic. It has good deer resistance and a hardy habit. Plant in full sun and water on a regular basis and you will be rewarded with a striking display of bright yellow blossoms in very late winter. Soon after oblong leaves about three inches long will appear lasting on the bush till late fall.

(Daphne odora Marginata)
We like to call Daphne "The Romantic Plant", since its flowers smell so sweet, and it usually blooms right around Valentines Day. Daphne grows to about three to four feet tall, by about six feet wide. It is a slow grower so it's great for containers. The plant needs shade in the afternoon. It is very deer resistant! The flowers are pink in bud opening to white. The fragrance is legendary, sweet but not too sweet. A flower put in a bud vase will last for at least a week while perfuming the entire space. The leaves are green with a small white edge. Daphne ordora marginata is a great shade loving, evergreen, deer resistant plant, perfect for the foothills.

Harry Lauders Walking Stick
(Corylus avella)
Unique deciduous shrub with interesting gnarled and twisted branches A prize attraction for the winter landscape, this unique shrub should be planted where it can be enjoyed from inside the home and out in the garden. It can even be used in large containers. Branches can be used in floral arrangements for an interesting effect. Terrific yellow fall foliage color; showy greenish-yellow catkins brighten the winter scene. Does well in large containers. Full sun. Slow grower to 8 to 10 feet tall and wide.

Alberta Spruce
Picea glauca “Conica”)
This dense pointed conifer is a perfect Christmas tree for holiday lighting. This dwarf tree has dense growth that means it’s also a great screen plant that won’t overgrow tight spaces. Use the symmetrical form as a single accent, in matched pair or in an evenly spaced series amidst hedges. Experiment with topiary spirals or poodles for potted specimens on entries and patios, where there’s no room to plant. A beautiful choice for woodland gardens or behind water features where a rich green is desired. We carry Alberta Spruce in 1, 2, 5, and 15, gallon cans.

Burning Bush
(Euonymus alata compacta)
Sensational accent or hedge desired for the intense scarlet red fall coloring. Interesting compact, mounded form displays attractive rich green leaves spring through summer. Burning Bush is usually planted as a single specimen or in a grove. It can make a good, natural hedge with changes in every season. Use to brighten dark corners in architecture or in groves of coniferous evergreens to add brilliance and a spot of seasonal color. Deer resistant.
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