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  Small Trees for Decks
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  Citrus in the Foothills
  Berry Magic
  Blowing in the Wind
  Pretty Pansies
  Daphne Romance
  Carpet of Green
  Forgotten Bulbs
  Does Size Matter?
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  Luscious Lavendar
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About The Golden Gecko

The Golden Gecko Garden Center was created to serve the residents of The Georgetown Divide, a region of unparallel beauty located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. We are a Full Service Garden Center with a complete line of plants, soil amendments, and fertilizers, suited to foothill and mountain gardening. In addition we have a large selection of pottery, garden art, and water features.

The Garden Center was created by Trey and Monica Pitsenberger. Having met in a garden center, they have spent the last 25 years in horticulture. The culmination of that experience led them to, where else, Garden Valley. “We realize that this location is unique in California” says Trey. “Few garden centers have a year-round creek. In addition we have numerous 100 year old valley oaks that shade much of the Garden Center.” Located at 2000’ elevation the garden center is high enough to be above the intense summer heat of the Central Valley, yet well below the snow bound high country in winter.

Trey Pitsenberger has been a garden center professional for over 25 years. Working first at Christensen Nursery, in Belmont, he has worked in, managed, or owned five different garden centers. Four of those garden centers are located in either El Dorado, or Placer Counties. Trey is an Advanced California Certified Nurseryperson, Master Nursery Professional, garden writer and speaker. Trey’s garden articles appear in newspapers and his gardening talks are popular with garden clubs and other organizations interested in horticulture.

Monica Pitsenberger has been in the garden center business for over 20 years. While working at Christensen’s Nursery in Belmont, 20 miles south of San Francisco, she met her Trey. Moving to Placerville, Monica and Trey have operated two other Garden Centers before opening The Golden Gecko. Monica’s specialties include succulents, cactus, and herbs. She is responsible for all the unique small water features in the Garden Center. Monica is a Master Nursery Professional.


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